Freedom Week: 9 things you can save money on during the tax free holiday

ORLANDO, Fla. — With inflation rising, saving money during the Fourth of July is on people’s minds.

Freedom Week runs through Thursday, July 7, and residents can purchase items and experiences exempt from tax.

The Florida Department of Revenue said there are a few new items that are eligible during the tax-free holiday, including pool floats and pool nets.

Here is our list of nine things you can purchase tax-free:

1. Boating and water activity supplies

Life jackets, snorkels, coolers and canoes are some of the items in this category.

2. Camping supplies

For the first $200 of the sales price, you won’t be charged sales tax for a tent.

3. Fishing supplies

Items used for commercial fishing are not eligible.

4. Sports equipment

Summer is the perfect time to go outdoors and any item used for individual or team sports, not including clothing or footwear, is exempt from the sales tax.

5. Residential pool supplies

This is a new category for 2022. You can save money on the first $100 of the sales price for pool nets.

6. General outdoor supplies

Insect repellant and water bottles are just two of the items in this category.

7. Admission to cultural events

These include tickets for music events, plays, festivals, museums, live sporting events and movies in the theater.

8. Admission to state parks

Season tickets and annual passes may also apply.

9. Membership for fitness facilities

Private gym memberships are eligible.

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